Blakeney Holiday Homes For Sale

Welcome - '' BTM a success story for over 30 years ''

It’s no secret that North Norfolk is an expensive area in which to buy a holiday cottage with prices starting at around £250,000 - £300,000 plus just for a small cottage, and there is the added cost of maintenance, repairs, cleaning , laundry and key holder or agent fees.

but there is another way for you to buy your slice of North Norfolk living:

Blakeney Timeshare Management ( BTM) was founded around 30 years ago, and comprises of a select group of just 5 high standard properties located at  ‘The Pastures ‘ just a 2 minute walk from Blakeney quayside, and subject to availability there is the opportunity for you to join other Norfolk lovers, who have bought a lease in one of these desirable holiday homes


There has never been a better time to buy at BTM

BTM has been a success story for over 30 years, and the majority of members have been enjoying their stays at BTM for many years along with their family and friends.

There is however a growing number of members approaching a more advanced age, who find it more difficult to travel, and hence are open to sell on their week/s to younger families, couples or individuals looking to buy their slice of Norfolk Living.

The properties are kept updated , are in good condition and are in a prime location.

You buy an Agreement to use the property on set week /s for years to come, at a fraction of the cost of an outright property purchase, and maintenance costs are shared among all the leaseholders.

These attractively styled  properties have been built in traditional Norfolk flint and brick to reflect the character of this quaint fishing port. They are in a secluded spot, & just minute’s walk from the Blakeney Hotel and Quay.

The variety of 1,2,3, bedroom homes, ensure that there is something to suit all families.


  • Car Parking

  • Gardens

  • Fully furnished & well equipped

  • Cleaning, bed linen and towels

  • Wi Fi

  • You can rent out your week if not required by you

  • BTM is managed by directors who are lease owners themselves.

Please see timeshare weeks available for purchase:

Costs For Each Week Purchased:

There are three costs involved with the purchase of a timeshare week:

  1. Legal Cost ( one off payment )
  2. Purchase Price ( one off payment )
  3. Service Charge - this is an annual payment made by each member towards the upkeep of the development ( can vary from year to year).   

                       The Cley           Burnham A      Burnham B    The Kelling    Brancaster

Legal Cost          £300.00 + VAT        £300.00 + VAT     £300.00 + VAT     £300.00 + VAT     £300.00 + VAT     
Service Charge   £565.28 + VAT        £368.88 + VAT     £422.08 + VAT     £565.28 + VAT     £464.82+ VAT


Resales shown in Black, Company Sales shown Blue

Purchase Prices ( Subject to Contract)  Below:

Resales shown in Black, Company Sales shown Blue