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I would like to rent out my timeshare week/s

If you do not intend to utilise your timeshare week/s for your own use, you may wish to consider making your week/s available to private holiday let guests, who will pay you a rental for their stay. We can advertise your week/s to private holiday let guests, on a number of major holiday rental websites which are called 'Portals' such as:

Norfolkstay, Holidaylettings,Trip Advisor and Airbnb.
We will then proceed to take bookings , payments and arrange access details. Please note that these Portals all charge an advertising commission which is automatically taken off the rent achieved for your week.

If you advertise your week/s with R.C.I or any other exchange site, you will be obligated by their terms and conditions to keep your week/s free and open to accept a possible exchange guest for at least a fixed 12 month period. If this is the case you will not be able to advertise your week/s as available for rent. We ask that you set a rental that is fully inclusive of electricity charges. - This means that the holiday guest will not be charged separately for the electricity they use. Instead a contribution towards the electricity used will be charged back to you as the owner of the week, as part of your annual maintenance charge. The company owned weeks as well as weeks owned by leaseholders need increasingly to achieve a rental as there has, over recent years, been less timeshare owners staying at the properties. To stay competitive holiday rentals must be advertised as being fully inclusive of heating, hot water, as well as bed linen and towels.

BTM will arrange all advertising then proceed to take bookings , payments and send access detail. BTM charge for this rental letting service at a commission of 10% plus vat of the rental collected ( this is in addition to the advertising commissions charged by the Portals as detailed above).

Re: Holiday Letting Service - 2023

If you wish to rent out your timeshare week then please complete the form below and return it to me as soon as possible.
Your week will not be included on the list unless your written request is received as below . If you request a rental but then subsequently change your mind at a later stage please let me know immediately so as to avoid any confusion with double bookings.

Please note however If your week is booked out by us prior to your notification of withdrawal from the available rental list, then whatever the reason for the delay – the rental must be honoured by you as we are contractually held.

Kind regards

Sue McKenzie
Lettings Manager

Dear Sue,

This is to request that the week(s) detailed below are included on the rental list distributed by Blakeney Timeshare for 2022.

I understand that Blakeney Timeshare Management Ltd charge a commission of 10% PLUS VAT of the rental plus vat for this service, in addition the advertising portal that secures the booking will also charge a commission that will be automatically deducted from the rent achieved.

My week(s)s are not currently advertised on RCI or any other exchange site.

I will honor any rental arranged by the management company on my behalf.


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