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Swap my timeshare

Can I swap my timeshare week(s) with a third party owner?

IMPORTANT - Unauthorised Exchange Companies.

Members are no longer authorised to contract with third party companies , or exchange companies offering out weeks to guests from exchange companies, that are not sanctioned by the directors of BTM.

Currently BTM is only registered with one exchange company RCI but we have experienced problems with their methods of notifying our management company of their exchange guests , so we are advising our members to cancel their contracts with RCI. Longer term rolling contracts with exchange companies will take away many of the legal rights you hold in the way you control your agreement:

  • Security and suitability issues of giving access to unauthorised guests - you will be charged for the mis conduct of an exchange guest introduced by your registration with an exchange company
  • Against Members signing longer term contracts often 3 yearly or more with third party companies not authorised by the directors of BTM
  • Exchange contracts will prevent a member from renting out their week via other means
  • Exchange contracts will prevent a member from surrendering their week
  • Exchange contracts will prevent a member from selling a week

Remember as the leaseholder you could be responsible and liable under the terms of the lease for your exchange guest, this would be especially true in the event of any breakages or extra cleaning caused by your exchange guest. We would suggest taking a £50 deposit which is refundable subject to any breakages or extra cleaning required beyond fair wear and tear. ( may also be used for the electricity used by the guest).

The management company will prepare your property ready for your stay or your guest’s stay.

All members will have been issued with up to date Access Procedures and it will be up to the member to arrange access for their guest via our management office. All websites used should refer the guest to our office so we can issue access details - please check this is in place.

The property will be ready for occupation, but the management company cannot be held liable for any missed bookings or difficult access arrangements caused by third party websites that have not notified the management company of a booking in the prescribed time – minimum 30 days notice.

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